Agile pub

Space for people working in dynamic environment, aiming to deliver value ridiculously fast, while enjoying the progress along the way through encouraging to 

Learn more about agile practices
Gain different perspectives
Have fun




We aim to build structured knowledge sharing hub for likeminded people.

Who we are

We are couple growing together since 2011. 

Our names are Dominika Jakubkovic Sedlakova and Eduard Jakubkovic. 

Dominika is an agile advocate since 2016. She fulfilled variety of roles, such as software developer, scrum master, team lead, release train engineer, product owner. She's responsible for content behind the Agile pub. 

Edo is a quality engineer, passionate about collecting, vaping, and gaming, focused on details and appreciates things done well. He's responsible for the format behind the Agile pub.

We are dog parents. It's irrelevant but we don't care. We love Beny very much. Even he's sometimes extremely needy. 

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